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Ian and Leonie created UK Holistic Training out of a love for Sound and how it can have a profound impact on our Wellbeing. This includes everything from hearing your favourite songs that energises and motivates you through to the calming sound wave from a Tibetan bowl.

Sound is vibration and our mind and body respond to it. In many cases there is an immediate therapeutic response, an example of this is improved sleep patterns. Many Sound bath attendees have an undisturbed night’s sleep, many report reductions in long standing pain whilst experiencing a Sound bath. Longer term benefits of regular exposure to therapeutic sound include an increased sense of self awareness, reduction in negative feelings such as stress and anxiety and an overall improvement in their day to day living.

UK Holistic Training run regular Gong and Sound baths in Suffolk. They also provide the opportunity for you to train as a Sound Therapy Practitioner. The more of us that benefit from Sound Therapy the more we will all have an improved life experience.

Leonie and Ian met at a drum circle and have since then created a connection through Sound. They seamlessly orchestrate their Gong and Sound baths and complete each other in the training they provide.

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