Ian is a qualified Yoga and Meditation Teacher. He is also a trained Reiki Master. Ian brings all these elements together in the training courses and Gong and Sound baths that Ian and Leonie provide.

Ian is a self taught guitarist with a love for music and the potential it has on improving our mental and emotional state.

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Leonie works in Ecology out of an interest in Mother Nature and helping to support balance in our natural habitat. This is felt in her passion for Sound, her interests in American Indian history and working with herbs. Leonie often has something brewing in the kitchen.

Leonie has always been very drawn toward to the mesmerising sound of Tibetan and Crystal bowls. 

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Hello I’m Adrienne Green

I call myself The Illuminator, because I am on a mission to light up your true potential.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

I was born in Plymouth and lived a regular life which included a lot of travelling around the UK and to Singapore with my father’s work.

By 2000 I had been working for a financial corporation for 28 years and I found myself going through divorce number two.

This was my wake up call!

Life needed to change. Or, in truth, I was the one that needed to change…